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What you get with a Ltd company


If you ended up here, we’re going to assume you’re looking for a Limited Company, so if you incorporate through us that’s exactly what you’ll get – a Limited Company formed quickly, and all the associated documents. Want your Memorandum of Association in a leather presentation folder with matching pen set? Sorry, you’re on your own.

We hate paper, so once your Limited Company has been successfully formed we’ll email you a link where you can download all your documents and print them out if you so wish.

When you form your Limited Company through us, we’ll give you the following -

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association is sort of like the Terms and Conditions for your Limited Company. It sets out the rules that will govern the administration of your Company, such as voting rights and procedure for transferring shares.

Certificate of Incorporation

This is the one you can frame and hang on the wall, featuring your company details and the UK Coat of Arms.

Combined Register

This document details all the individuals involved in the running of your Limited Company. It lists all the Directors, any Company Secretaries, as well as details of any other company interests a Director may have (for example, if a Director owns shares in another Limited Company).

First Minutes

Although you probably won’t actually have a meeting (unless you enjoy that kind of thing), the First Minutes detail the process of forming your Limited Company.

Memorandum of Association

This document sets out how the company must operate, and the duties it must undertake (called the “Company Objects”), such as to pay and look after any staff and to make sure the relevant insurance is taken out. You can think of it as a sort of mission statement, albeit written in boring legalese.

Share Certificate

Rather than belonging to the Company, the Share Certificate is intended for the individual shareholders, and gives details of how many shares a person owns, and how much those shares are worth.