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Registered Office Address

Registered office

A registered office address does not have to be the address of your business, but it is the address that formal communication from HMRC and Companies House will be sent. Often it is the address of your accountant, who will deal with the paperwork on your behalf (This is called acting as your authorised agent). The registered office address must be a physical address – PO Boxes are not allowed!

The registered office address has certain legal responsibilities, such as making the company register available to view, as well as other company details. You must notify Companies House as soon as possible should your registered office address change.

The company address and registered office address are two important pieces of company information. While seemingly the same thing, they perform different functions – so understanding the distinction is important.

Company address

This is the address where your day-to-day business activity takes place. If you own a shop, it will be the address of the shop. If you work from home, it will be your home address. It is the physical location where you do business.

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