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About Go Limited is owned and operated by Crunch, expert online accountants for freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

What is

Quite simply the easiest, friendliest limited company formations agents out there. You’ll find no silly “extras” packages or endless pages of upsell here. We’ll just form your limited company for you and offer you a great deal on accountancy. That’s all we do. Simple.

What is an accountancy firm doing running a formations company?

All Crunch clients form limited companies to maximise their tax efficiency – it’s part of how we ensure our clients take home more of their money than anyone else. More than Umbrella Companies, more than traditional accountants, and more than sole traders.

Because of this we form a lot of limited companies every day, and we decided to write some software to streamline the process. After using our system internally for a while, we decided to open it up to the general public, and now here you are!

Why £10?

Unlike other formation agents, is not a money-making exercise – we don’t offer any “premium” packages or add-ons, and only charge £10. This matches the admin fee charged by Companies House.

We just want people to incorporate quickly and easily – and if you decide you want to sign up with Crunch afterwards, that’s great! If not, no sweat – we’re not going to pester you.

I like your site!

Thanks, we like it too! Company formation sites can be so dull, we decided to spruce things up a bit. Come back at different times of day and see how the site changes!

I’m a thrusting social media type!

Awesome, so are we! Say hi on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook!

Tell me more about

Ok. Crunch are an online accountancy firm offering cloud software and a dedicated team of accredited accountants, through two tiers of monthly subscription.

Crunch’s core package, offering the best value accounting solution on the market for freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

For £71.50+VAT per month you’ll get:

- Your own personal account manager

- Unlimited access to your own accountant

- All company returns and electronic filing

- We’ll be your registered office and deal with the tax man for you

- Access to our cloud bookkeeping software

For more information on Crunch, see here.

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